Dear Klog Readers…

Welcome to onelovecicinho website. Why onelovecicinho? I don’t know man. Ask Paul Dillon. I will be klogging about my funny moments, stories, soccer, more soccer, and what goes on in C’s world. I am not gonna be klogging everyday like most people. Yes, i know you are disappointed, but don’t you worry, i will make it up to you.

A little bit about my self. My traditional name is Jonjorgamegashigiftitobgetrekuapetoprospagbedema. I go by C.Nortey, but most people call me C. I am from Ghana, live in Chicago, and i go to Marquette. Shout out to my MU soccer mates. I like hip hop, reggae,  and country music. If you are a fan of any of these music categories, I say WHAT’S UP.

I keep up with the beautiful game all over the world. I support Arsenal so i bleed red. Well, most of  the time. Some days i wish i bleed Barcelona. I don’t get along too well with Chelsea or Man United fans. I believe in Lionel Messi. The guy is the best footballer the world has ever seen.

I like to go with the flow most of the time, except when it’s against my ground rules or my beliefs. I believe in family, friends, and hard work. All goals can be achieved, as long as you  keep working your butt off towards them.


What Have I Done???

What’s up everybody? It’s Saturday morning and as much as I will like to just lock myself  up and watch the beautiful game all morning, can’t do it. Got to go to my service learning. Lisandro is gonna be waiting. Lisandro is a ten-year-old boy i tutor at a community center. The kid lighten up my Saturdays.

Story time. First time I met Lisandro, he was playing soccer with the rest of the crew. We were supposed to join in and play with them. Couldn’t do it. My football fellers understand why. I watched from the sideline, right? You are not gonna believe this. The kid scored and was running around giving high fives and bumping into people.  Then out of no where, he ran all the way to the sideline to give me one of those high fives…… I got so excited I smacked his hand harder than i should. His face turned red right away. Kid is about to cry.  WHAT HAVE I DONE?? The kids laugh about it then, they still laugh about it now. Definitely one of my embarrassing moments.

Despite the slow start with Lisandro, we’ve become good friends. He looks up to me a lot. Can’t beat that.  Having terrible first appearance or impression does not always mean that EVERYTHING is gonna go terribly. Good things can happen from bad things, remember? Thats what i learn from the story, I hope.  Hit you up lata. Adios!!!