Where Did You Start??

What’s up everybody? Last weekend I visited Mandela FC, a club football team in Labadi where I began my football career. I played for Mandela until I was 11 years old when I was recruited to join the Right to Dream program. My experience on this team is unforgettable. Even though, deep down, I know such experience will never repeat itself, each time I go back to visit, I expect to feel as though I am living through it all again, even if its just for a day.

It was a GAME DAY for them, which means that everyone is hyped and ready to prove something. We got there late so we missed the U-13’s game. But we sat through the first half of the U-17’s. It was a pretty good game. In the first 15minutes of the game, there were about 10 fouls. The kids are going hard on each other. First goal came in the first 2 minutes on a free-kick against Mandela. We left after first half, but I later heard that Mandela tied it up.

I was especially proud to see the players wearing some Marquette gears, thanks to MU Men’s Soccer. It makes me feel as though I am still contributing to the life of the team. I am going to have a life lesson class with the U-13 about how to make it by being themselves. I am looking forward to it.  Until then, Adios !!


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