Here We Go!!

What’s up everybody? I am one laundry away from being fully ready for my trip home. In two days me and Grace will be at the center of Accra, all swagged up (Ghanaian style). I am excited for her to see and learn about my country.  She will be working at the Right to Dream Academy. As a Right to Dream graduate, i know what kind of experience she is going to have, and I am pumped about it. Check back for more updates of our trip. God Bless!!


3 Things I Need to Get Off My Chest

Whats up everybody? Three weeks have flew by since Easter break. Man is feeling good. Three things i need to get off my chest.

1) My man is back on Facebook. Everyone say congrattss to frat boy Jack Dickinson. The man had to delete his Facebook for his frat pledging process. I don’t understand all of that stuff, but HEY MAN, am glad you are back in one piece. I miss you.

2) On Sunday B made my day when he scored 4 goals in 2 games. As a team we had a good day but the man of the day on C’s Sport Center goes to B. The man is little but he’s got a football swag. But cogratts  to everyone  for ending the spring season on a good note.

3) Whats up Jessie? The girl says she is making a list for all the things I hate!! GOOD LUCK.