Dear Klog Readers…

Welcome to onelovecicinho website. Why onelovecicinho? I don’t know man. Ask Paul Dillon. I will be klogging about my funny moments, stories, soccer, more soccer, and what goes on in C’s world. I am not gonna be klogging everyday like most people. Yes, i know you are disappointed, but don’t you worry, i will make it up to you.

A little bit about my self. My traditional name is Jonjorgamegashigiftitobgetrekuapetoprospagbedema. I go by C.Nortey, but most people call me C. I am from Ghana, live in Chicago, and i go to Marquette. Shout out to my MU soccer mates. I like hip hop, reggae,  and country music. If you are a fan of any of these music categories, I say WHAT’S UP.

I keep up with the beautiful game all over the world. I support Arsenal so i bleed red. Well, most of  the time. Some days i wish i bleed Barcelona. I don’t get along too well with Chelsea or Man United fans. I believe in Lionel Messi. The guy is the best footballer the world has ever seen.

I like to go with the flow most of the time, except when it’s against my ground rules or my beliefs. I believe in family, friends, and hard work. All goals can be achieved, as long as you  keep working your butt off towards them.


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